We Develop New Startups in Derawan Valley

Its a passion to become the community and its an honor becoming leading in new technology.

8 Startups ready to grow in Derawan Valley

We try to be Next Venture Capital using antimainstream in Indonesia

From Startup, by Startup, and for Startup grow

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Business Solutions
Becoming Unicorn

Derawan developing 10 startups which are focus on Social Media (UangTani), Medical IOT (Mopeq), Enery (EqSource), Agriculture Machinery, Fintech (TraceCoin), Finance (Uluna), Food (Dresto), Games (Strategic), Survey (IKM), and SaaS System.

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Our Team

Derawan founded by L. Dedy Setiyawan and R. Advancer and GB Kurniawan in Purworejo, Central Java, Indonesia